Legal Weddings Ceremony in Bali

If you wish to be legally married on Bali and have not yet had a religious wedding either, legal wedding ceremony suits you. To be married under Indonesian law, a religious wedding ceremony should be ahead of a civil wedding ceremony. It is the civil ceremony makes your marriage legal, however you marriage will not be registered and legalized until a religious ceremony has been taken.

A religious wedding ceremony will perform with the exchange of vows (you can add your own words if you wish to) and the pronouncement of the marriage conducted by an ordained minister. A civil registrar following immediately the ceremony with reading the wedding vows with the rights and responsibilities husband and wife based on Indonesian laws and legalizing your marriage. Therefore your wedding is recognized by your government as well.

At the end of wedding ceremony you will receive two certificates: one certificate from the minister issued by the Bali Catholic Church and another from the Indonesia government, issued by the Civil Registrar.

For legal wedding ceremony in Bali, the couple must provide all legal requirement documents needed by Indonesian government. In general couple who want getting married on Bali need to provide the following :
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